Copper River Salmon Association is a boutique fishery located in Cordova, AK. In order to increase brand awareness, I worked with a team to develop a strategy that partners the best wild Alaskan salmon with the James Beard Award winners of Portland, OR. This campaign tied for first place (winner winner salmon dinner)!


The overall design and color palette of the campaign take inspiration from two elements of Copper River Salmon: the landscape surrounding the Copper River and the beautiful fish. The scale-like and round patterns, along with the fin-like shapes, are abstracted to form an organic movement within the stability of print. The ribbon-like forms and mountain silhouettes add to this movement while paying tribute to the river delta and the Chugach mountains. The colors of salmon pink, sky blue, and light gray act as a contrast to the rich copper, dark blue, and deep gray. The design incorporates the beauty of the brand while also fitting within a modern restaurant aesthetic. 



Account Manager: Natasha Guretskiy

Strategists & Media Planners: Nathan KrettlerFaye Chaiyabutr

Writer & Designer: Me

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